Thursday, November 18, 2010

Egyptians Made These?

Yes, it is true, well someone had to make them! These little hand carved objects were usually made out of gold or a precious stone. To keep track of these they were made into either a bracelet or necklace. The scarab beetle was the most popular but it was mostly made out of gold, few people had made it out of a precious stones. King Tut owned over 140 amulets and was buried with all of them but he was very wealthy. Depending on how wealthy you were was a result of how many amulets you owned. Some people may make their own small amulets because they couldn't afford to buy the real ones made of gold or precious stones but anything counts! Even if the person had carved it out of wood someone would say that they were still protected. So I think it's safe to say that almost EVERYONE in Ancient Egypt owned at least one amulet!

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  1. Everyone had an amulet? How did the poor afford it?