Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amulets?!? What are they?

Have you ever wondered what the good luck charms the Ancient Egyptians were and why they had them? Well, they are called amulets and they were worn around the neck or wrist as a bracelet. Egyptians wore these Amulets to ward off the evil and injury and sometimes were accompanied by chanting spells. Some of the different amulets were crystals, stones, gods, or other objects that were believed to have supernatural powers. Isn't that fascinating?!? How cool would it be to walk around your school and see these amazing objects with your peers wearing them? I think it would be very cool. You would wear them throughout your life or whenever you felt you needed protection, (most Egyptians would wear them all of the time) and when you died they would be wrapped tightly to your body while being mummified. Did you know that there were over 140 amulets found on King Tut? Wow! Isn't that amazing, that's a lot of amulets! There are so many types of amulets that I could go on and on describing and listing but here are just a few that I hope you learned a little something about.

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