Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Name Please!!

Is there another name for amulets? Well, not officially but yes, some do refer to them as "Good Luck Charms." Now you may be asking yourself, what do amulets and good luck charms have to do with each other. To answer that question, Ancient Egyptians believed that amulets were good luck charms because supposedly they were worn to ward off evil, curses, and injury from the wearer and they were supposed to provide protection in the next life. Some of the good luck charms were four leaf clovers and Speaking of luck, can you guess who would've used these to help their patients? Yeah, you got it! Witch doctors used these while chanting spells to protect the ill from death, sometimes it worked but sometimes the person was already to sick to be cured. That's a lot of responsibility for those little charms but there was a very strong belief in these little guys so if I had lived “back then”  I guess I would've believed it too, wouldn't you?

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  1. i bet even though they them they still got hurt